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Version 1.2.4

March 19, 2019

- new pages: Product detail with a sticky product info (detail-3.html)
- improved: added parallax effect to category-banner.html
- updated: Bootstrap updated to 4.3.1 (affects: scss folder files, all stylesheets)
- updated packages: Bootstrap (4.3.1), NoUI Slider (12.1.0), Smooth Scroll (15.0.0)
Version 1.2.3

January 28, 2019

- new pages: About us (about.html), About us v.2 (about-2.html)
- updated: Bootstrap updated to 4.2.1 (affects: scss folder files, all stylesheets, syntax of dropdowns in navbar)
- improved: added hidden inputs to the price slider (read their values easily)
- updated packages: Bootstrap (4.2.1), NoUI Slider (12.1.0), Smooth Scroll (15.0.0)
- removed packages: Popper.js (using Bootstrap Bundle instead)
Version 1.2.2

October 24, 2018

- new pages: Slider + broken grid homepage (index5.html)
- improved: completely reworked Parallax homepage (index4.html)
- improved: added basePath variable to all paths in theme.js (js/theme.js)
- improved: updated documentation
- fixed: added Polyfill fallback for object-fit for  older browsers 
  (IE mostly; changed: package.json, CSS files, _utils.scss, don't forget to include new script in your HTML)
Version 1.2.1

September 6, 2018

- new pages: new shopping cart variant (cart-2.html; this cart behaves differently on smaller devices)
- new components: two new header layouts. (component-variants/header.html)
- improved: Sticky navbar scrollbar hidden while collapse animation is in progress
- improved: Cart overview dropdown's height limited, scrollbar appears when 3+ different items are in cart. 
  Also added buttons to remove item from cart into the dropdown.
- improved: Added SVG logo support for navbar brand element. This logo can inherit navbar items styling - 
  e.g. logo can have white text on transparent background and dark text when user hovers above the navbar
- improved: moved docs to a separate directory
- changed: add .navbar-airy to your .navbar 
  to add more spacing to .nav-link on lg+ devices (this was applied automatically before but collided with the new header variants)
- fixed: SVG injected icon sprite now works when viewing pages using file:// protocol
- fixed: added missing !default flag to some variables in scss/custom/_variables.scss
- fixed: product display issues in IE11
- updated packages: PopperJS (1.14.4)

Version 1.2.0

July 24, 2018

- new pages: Parallax Homepage (index4.html), F.A.Q.s (faq.html)
- updated packages: Bootstrap (4.1.3), PrismJs (1.15.0), Smooth Scroll (14.2.1)
- fixed: View button in the category-full.html (affected files: _products.scss, stylesheet.default.css, category-full.html)
- fixed: moved browserslist config from package.json to a .browserslistrc file and unified this file 
  with its Bootstrap counterpart
- improved: Default gulp task reorganized to run in sequence
Version 1.1.0

July 1, 2018

- new pages: category-masonry.html, category-no-sidebar.html, coming-soon.html
- added: Ekko Lightbox in detail2.html
- added: .display-1, .display-2, ... headings font sizes automatically decrease on smaller viewports
- fixed: carousel height recalculation when changing screen sizes (theme.js), 
  adjusted navbar collapse and dropdowns behaviour on transparent navbars (theme.js), 
  decreased collapsed navbar vertical padding
Version 1.0.0

June 25, 2018

- Initial release