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Theme Components

This is a quick showcase of some of the main Bootstrap components that come with this template.


Block components used to create an Accordion using Bootstrap' collapse plugin.

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Similar to a card but with adjusted paddings, no borders and a light gray header. Used as a container for form areas, etc.


A responsive cart component used in cart overview or final order review. On smaller displays, a horizontal srollbar appears.

Skull Tee
Size: Large
Colour: Green
Transparent Blouse
Size: Medium
White Tee
Size: Medium
Customer sidebar

A custom navigation component used in the customer zone based on the Bootstrap's listgroup.

Julie Svestkova

Ostrava, Czech republic

Icons - E-commerce

This theme also comes with a 70+ Premium E-commerce SVG icons.

For a complete icon reference, see here.

Icons - Font Awesome

Vector icons and social logos on your website with Font Awesome, the web’s most popular icon set and toolkit.

These icons are mostly used in buttons or for social network links. For a complete icon reference, see here.

Owl Carousel

Touch enabled jQuery plugin that lets you create a beautiful responsive carousel slider.

Used for the single-item carousels and also for the product carousels.

Visit plugin website

Product grid header

A simple component with items per page, ordering and no. of displayed items information. Displayed above the product grid.

Showing 1-12 of 158 products
Sort by

Product component used in the product listing. Contains animated buttons appearing after hovering above the component.



White Tee



Black blouse



College jacket

Product modal

A component based on a Bootstrap modal with a product images carousel

Toggle product modal

Ribbons that are aligned to the product images to emphasise that the product is new, on sale, etc.

It can be used in the product component, product detail carousels and product modal but also separately. Its parent needs a position: relative; and you can use theme colours for ribbon backgrounds.

Services block

Easily format main advantages or services in the services block. Columns in this block have a border on the right which disappears on smaller display sizes.

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Responsive collapse

Responsive collapse blocks with a toggler link. Used in the sidebar for collapsing the inactive menu blocks on smaller displays. Add .expand-lg to a .collapse block and it will expand on lg+ displays. This component is used on the sidebar blocks in the product categories.

Top bar

Top bar element that precedes the navbar, as seen also on this page. Great to display telephone number, language or currency choice or similar.

Background image

Utility class that turns a <img class="bg-image"> into a background image for its background. Useful e.g. for carousels. Make sure that image's parent container and the content that should be placed over the image are relatively positioned.

I have a background image

Image overlay

Utility class that darkens or lightens the backround image of the element to enhance the legibility. It can be used with cards, carousel slides, etc. Now with responsive behaviour too.





Class reference

.dark-overlay or .light-overlay - CSS class to be used on the element, accepts Boostrap responsive suffixes. (e.g. .dark-overlay.dark-overlay-lg-0 creates overlay on smaller viewports and hides it on lg+ screens.)

.overlay-content - use this class on the element's content to increase its Z-index and move it above the overlay layer

Responsive borders

Responsive borders as an addition to Bootstrap's border utilities.

Class reference

.border-sm, .border-md, etc.

Text utilities

Text utility classes to control text size and more.

Class reference

.text-sm, .text-lg, .text-xl - text sizes

.letter-spacing-1 to .letter-spacing-5 - letter spacing 0.1em to 0.5em

.z-index-1 to .z-index-5 - z-index from 10 to 50

.text-hover-primary, etc. - text colour on hover/focus for theme colours

.td-none - no text decoration

.overflow-visible and .overflow-hidden - overflow control